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Seek Immediate AC Repair Services If You Notice These Signs Of AC Compressor Failure

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Homeowners need to be aware of signs that their AC systems need repairs. The compressor is a critical part of air conditioning systems. This is why it is important to seek AC repair services at the first sign of an issue. The following points highlight a few signs of air compressor failure. 

Condenser Vibrations

The condenser is the outdoor unit of an air conditioning system. If vibrations are detected, an AC repair should be sought immediately. It is a sign that the system is having issues starting up. Some individuals continue to use their systems when this occurs, and the end result is usually damaged air compressors. An emergency AC repair can help to avoid a replacement and salvage the system from needing to be replaced.

Noisy Condenser

A properly working AC system will not have a noisy condenser. They may have a soft humming sound. If banging or screeching noises are heard, this is a definite sign that an AC repair is needed. Sometimes it is a sign of another malfunctioning part of the system. However, if a repair is not made, it can lead to compressor failure because all parts of the system work together to cool. When other parts stop working, the compressor has to work harder, which can lead to failure.

Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping

A home may experience frequent circuit breaker trips for a variety of reasons. However, if the phenomenon usually occurs when the AC system is in use, there is likely a condenser issue that needs in inspected. Overheated compressors can cause this issue because they need more power to stay operational. A compressor that repeatedly overheats will sustain damage and stop working. This issue can lead to electrical fires, which is why it is imperative to seek emergency HVAC services rather than continue to reset the circuit breaker and AC system.

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use if air compressor failure is suspected. They can perform diagnostic tests to determine if the compressor is the issue. There are other potential causes of AC repairs that may mimic the signs of a failing compressor. Sometimes a failed compressor results in a need for a new air conditioning system. This recommendation may be made for systems that are out of warranty or if the repair costs exceed the cost of a new system. Either way, an HVAC contractor can offer the best solution and make the AC repair or new installation.

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