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What Is The Difference Between HVAC Contractors And HVAC Technicians?

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When it comes to HVAC professionals, you have probably heard "technicians," and "contractors" used intermittently. You may be wondering if these two professions are one in the same. Certainly, it can seem a little confusing, since both obviously work in the HVAC industry. Yet, there really are a few differences that separate these two professions. It will make a difference in who you hire the next time you need one or the other.

An HVAC Contractor

Like many other types of construction and labor contractors, an HVAC contractor is someone who works for him/herself. He/she looks for contract work, such as designing and installing the HVAC system for an entire new building. Sometimes, if the project is small, he/she may do all of the work him/herself. When it comes to larger projects, then the contractor may hire a team of HVAC technicians and/or HVAC apprentices to help complete the work.

HVAC Technicians

HVAC technicians may be fully licensed technicians, or they may be somewhere in the middle of a paid apprenticeship. If they are apprentices, then they are full-time employees of the HVAC contractor. If they are not apprentices, they may be repair and installation technicians who have agreed to work with a contractor on larger jobs. 

Additionally, the fully-licensed technicians are able to do all HVAC work on their own. That means that they might work for themselves, or they make it a habit of finding freelance work as technicians. Regardless of how they get work and manage the jobs they can get, they are the ones you typically call when your refrigerator is on the fritz, or when your furnace or air conditioner is not working correctly. If you want new appliances to replace worn out and busted ones and the appliances require an HVAC technician to install, that is who you would call.

Now That You Know

Now that you know the differences between an HVAC contractor and HVAC technicians, you know who to call. Need a complete building or several houses set up with HVAC appliances, ducts, and ventilation (and it is an ongoing project)? Call the contractor. Need to repair something HVAC-related in your home or commercial property (and it is a one-time deal)? Then you could call a contractor, but it is a much better idea to call the technician. (In any case, you would not call an apprentice, because he/she is not licensed to work alone.)

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