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How Do You Know If You Need AC Repair?

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As the hot summer months roll around, people start cranking up the AC. Most AC units are on all day every day during the summer, which means they are working hard. It's not uncommon for an air conditioner to have a maintenance need or a part problem. Generally, the sooner the need for repair can be identified the better. Some small issues can become much bigger if left ignored for an extended period of time. There are some common issues you can look for to determine if it might be time for a repair. 

Rattling or Shaking Compressor Unit

The exterior air compressor unit outside of your home is pretty sturdy, but a lot of things can happen over the winter to change that. This is true even for new units. If you are in an area with heavy ice or snow, those things can cause damage. Animals and debris can as well, and so can debris. If you notice a rattling in your air conditioner or see that it is vibrating more than usual, then you will want to call an HVAC expert for AC repairs. In some cases, it may just require tightening of bolds and parts, but some vibration can mean that parts have become broken or damaged. Most damaged parts that don't damage the main cooling parts of the air compressor are more easily replaced, and it shouldn't be too expensive.

A Strange or Dirty Smell

When it comes to your vents, any strange smell can be disconcerting. It's not that big a deal if an air conditioner omits an unusual smell when it's being used for the first time in several months, but if there is any consistency to a bad smell, there is likely something wrong. If you have a bad smell, especially a burning smell, then there could be an electric part that is damaged or another part that is getting overheated. This should prompt a call to an HVAC repair service as soon as possible. It should also be a time when you completely shut down your air conditioner until the repairs can be made.

Air That Isn't Cool

Another sure sign that you may need a repair is if the air isn't coming out nice and cool. Sometimes the air from an air conditioner can be almost warm or at least not crisply cool. That could be a sign of vents that are being blocked because of dirt. It's more likely a sign that one of the filters needs to be replaced because it is so full of dirt. This type of repair can be taken care of very quickly, and it's relatively inexpensive to do.

Keeping up on AC repairs is worth the cost of doing so. Making sure to pay attention to those smaller issues that come along can help you pay less for repairs, and it can ensure that your AC unit is properly maintained over its lifespan.

Reach out to an AC repair contractor for more info.