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5 Methods Used To Cool A Home

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Are you struggling with the comfort of your home in the summer and want to cool it off? If so, you'll definitely want to know your options when it comes to home cooling methods.

Forced Air

A forced air system uses a compressor to move refrigerant in and out of your home. The refrigerant absorbs the heat, which then gets released outside. A fan blows that cool air through the ductwork and makes it feel cool. Forced air works great if you have an existing ductwork system for a furnace, but can be difficult to add later if the ductwork system needs to be added. 

Window Air Conditioner

Want to cool down just one room of your home? A window air conditioner is a cheap option that doesn't require a professional installation. Just prop the unit in the window and you'll have cool air in minutes. You can even move the unit from room to room or take it out when it's not necessary. However, portable window air conditioners can be very loud while in use and are not the most energy-efficient way to cool a  home.

Mini-Split System

A mini-split system is great for cooling down one or more rooms of your home. It uses an outdoor compressor much like a forced air system, but that refrigerant is directed to one or more indoor units that will blow the cool air into the room. It doesn't require any ductwork, so it is easy to retrofit into any home. You can even use a mini-split system to cool down an addition that you are building, which prevents the need to expand an existing cooling system.

Evaporator Cooler

An evaporator cooler works by moving hot air through wet pads, which will cool the air by evaporating the water. That cool air is then circulated into your home to cool it off. If you live in a climate that is fairly hot and dry, then an evaporator cooler may be the best choice for you. This is because hot and dry climates tend to have very little moisture in the air, and adding water makes the air feel quite cool. A humid climate would not provide the same effect. 

Ceiling Fan

You can always use a ceiling fan to cool down a room. The idea of pushing air downward into the room is going to create a breeze that can make the air feel cool. A ceiling fan is very cost-effective and easy to install in any room in your home. 

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