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Upgrading The Heating System For Your Home

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A home that has an aging heating system or one that is prone to suffering malfunctions can be extremely difficult to keep warm during the winters. While improving the performance of the existing heating system may not be possible, upgrading to a new unit may be just the enhancement that your home is needing. However, there are factors that will need to guide this upgrade if it is to provide the results that you are needing.


The type of heating system that you decide to install in the home will be one of the first and most important considerations when upgrading the system. For example, if you are wanting to switch to a gas-powered heating system from an electric model, you will need to ensure that there is a gas supply line installed, and this may be a step that is more costly or difficult than you may have anticipated. Additionally, switching from gas to electric can put increased demand on the home's wiring, and this may require upgrades to avoid overloading the electrical system.


The size of the heating system will be another important consideration. While a larger heating system will be able to provide far more power, you will be limited by the size of the space where the heating unit will be located. As you are reviewing the heating unit options for your home, you should be reviewing measurements for the space available for the unit. As you measure for the heating installation, you should be aware that you will need to leave a couple of feet worth of clearance for the vents so that the heater can intake enough air.


Where the heating system is going to be placed is a seemingly unimportant factor, but it can influence the way that the heat is distributed through the home. This will be more important for larger homes as it can be more difficult for the system to spread the heat throughout the interior. If you have a home with multiple floors, placing the heating unit in the basement can make it far more difficult for the unit to pump the warm air to the upper areas of the house.

Ducting Improvements

In order to maximize the performance of your heating system, you may also need to install some improvements to the ducting. These improvements will be able to enhance the ability of the heat to travel through the home so that you can enjoy the full benefits of the upgraded heating system. These improvements may involve installing larger ducting or even using duct boosters that can accelerate the air as it starts to flow.