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What To Expect During A Furnace Installation

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If you've ever needed to replace your air conditioner or furnace, you know what an ordeal it can be, especially if it's your first time. You'll have people working in all corners of your house, asking you questions, and possibly even displacing you for a time. It can be a nerve-wracking experience, so here are a few things that you can expect the next time you have to schedule a furnace installation. Knowing them beforehand will help greatly in keeping the anxiety levels down.

First, They'll Remove the Old Furnace

This is the most labor-intensive and time-consuming part of the entire process. In order to get the new one installed, the old heating unit needs to be removed completely and disposed of in compliance with your local ordinances. Depending on how long the unit was installed, it can be troublesome to remove the furnace; once it's out, they'll need to sweep the space and make preparations for the new unit to be installed.

Next, They'll Connect the Pipes

The furnace is a part of the larger network of vents and pipes that make up your home's HVAC system. Because of this, before the new furnace installation, they'll inspect the vent system and make sure that it's ready for a new furnace. They might clean out the ducts and repair the thermostat, but once that's finished, then they'll put the new furnace in place. 

From here, it's a simple matter of reconnecting all the lines that were originally connected to the old furnace. The gas line is one that will need to be done with extra precaution (just another reason why this job should be done by professionals), and then they'll hook up the furnace to the power source. Even if you have a gas heater, you'll still need electricity running to various parts of the heater installation, so they'll make those connections carefully as well.

Finally, They'll Test the System

It's in everyone's best interest to make sure the system is operating efficiently before the crews depart since having to field another service call is more expensive for everyone. The HVAC company will turn the system on and make sure that the airflow through the vents is efficient and that the furnace is actually blowing warm air. They'll also inspect the ductwork and the area around the furnace installation to make sure it's safe, and then they'll pick up their gear, load up, and head home. Unless there are unforeseen challenges, the whole process should take less than a day.