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What Comes Along With The Installation Of Your New Air Conditioner?

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Choosing the best air conditioner for your home is one of the biggest decisions you will make. The type of cooling system you have affects the home's overall value, affects your overall comfort, and also affects how much you will spend on home cooling over the long term. Paying for professional installation is important to ensure you get the most out of your system, but when you do opt for a professional install, you are not only getting the actual install. Most companies offer other things that will come along with your payment for professional installation. Take a look at some of what will come along with the professional installation of your new air conditioning system. 

Free In-Home Assessment to Help You Find the Right System

If you have not yet decided what type of air conditioner you want, opting for professional install will give you the advantage of having a true expert lead you to make the best decision. The professional consultant will come to your home and look at things like: 

  • How much space you have to be cooled
  • What the existing ductwork looks like and what changes may have to be made 
  • What kind of energy you rely on (i.e. solar or electricity)

Once the consultant has assessed your home and asked you a few questions, they will make recommendations of different air conditioner models that they feel would serve you and your home the best. 

Free Reconfiguring of Ductwork 

It is not uncommon for older ductwork systems to have to be reconfigured when a new air system goes in. If this has to take place in your home, the work will usually be included with your professional installation fees. The only thing that may cost more in addition to the install is if your entire duct system has to be replaced. 

Free Home Energy-Efficiency Assessment

One of the biggest concerns for most homeowners is making sure their home is as energy-efficient as possible, especially when they are in the process of picking a new cooling unit. When you bring in a professional for system installation, they will be happy to give you an evaluation of your home's overall efficiency. They will let you know things that could be changed to help keep your cooling costs low. For example, if older windows are going to have your home losing a lot of cooled air, they will let you know. 

To learn more, contact your local air conditioning service today.