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Two DIY HVAC Jobs To Do Every Year

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HVAC systems, no matter how new or old they are, need care and maintenance over the years. This article explains two yearly maintenance task that you should not overlook. Cleaning your air registers and replacing your air filters are two jobs that you can do within a couple of hours.

Cleaning the Air Registers

Cleaning your air registers is a job that is often neglected. However, some people dust the outside of their register on a regular basis. This often makes the problem worse because it just pushes the dust back inside. So, there is bound to be a little more buildup on the inside of the register.

The job is simple, and it is only difficult when it comes to cleaning the registers that are high up on your wall or hard to reach. You might need to climb up a ladder in order to adequately clean your registers. It is a good idea to remove your air registers completely from the wall and clean both sides of them at least once a year. The actual act of cleaning the registers is usually very simple. You can clean all of the registers in a large batch using your sink and dishwashing soap.

There might just be minimal dust buildup on the register, but you should still clean them to prevent mold build up. Also, while your registers are removed from the wall, it is a good time to examine your duct system more closely. Use a flashlight to look inside your ducts and make sure there is no dust or mold formation that you need to worry about. If you do have mold inside your duct system, call in a professional immediately.

Changing Your Air Filter

Changing your air filter is definitely the easiest of these two jobs. It can be done in a matter of minutes, however many people neglect to do it because the filters are hidden. That is, they don't think to change them because they don't see them. All you need to do is pull the filter out of a compartment and replace it if it is dirty. Most filter compartment are attached to the air return duct that merges with the furnaces. So, it is in between the outside wall of the furnace and the duct connection. The filter should slide right out of the compartment so you can see how dirty it is. If it has dust build up on the ridges, replace the filter immediately.

With clean filters and air registers, your system will have cleaner air and better airflow. Contact a service, like Day's Appliance Repair Heatg & Air Condtng Co, for more help.