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2 Things You Need To Know About Heating The House

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A the winter months approach many people are wondering what they can do to keep their house warm without overspending on their energy bills. This is a common concern for many homeowners, simply because you can spend a lot of money in the winter if you are not careful. In order to keep your house warm without spending too much money, you should make sure that you are doing a couple things. Here are some tips:

1. Check The Windows For Poor Insulation

One of the main reasons that people overspend on their utility bills is that they don't have good insulation in their windows. The windows are letting air pass through so that even though you are cranking the heater in your house, all of the air is just leaving through the windows.

One sign that the windows are not properly insulated is that you can hear the wind blowing past the window. If you are having a big wind storm, it is normal to hear the wind even with good windows, but you shouldn't hear the air wheezing through even during a mild weather day. Second, if there is any dirt or debris between a double paned window, this is a problem. If dirt and bugs can get in there, you can bet that air is passing through. Lastly, touch the window and see how it feels if the window reflects the outdoor temperature, it is not properly insulating. The window should be closer to the indoor temperature. By changing the windows you can save a good deal of money over time.

2. Let The Sun Heat The House

If possible, you should use the sun as a natural heater to the house. Just like the sun can heat up the outside, the suns rays when they enter your windows will heat up the house. You can benefit from this free heater if you keep the blinds in your windows open during the warmest part of the day and let the sun heat your home.

Additionally, you can cook in the house to help keep the heat in the house. Think of natural ways to heat the house that don't require the use of the your heater. This will save the heater so that it doesn't work as hard. Even having people use blankets or add an extra layer of clothing, can be a cheap and effective way to keep people comfortable.

These are just a couple things you need to know about heating your house. Contact a local HVAC contractor for more information and assistance.