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3 Signs You Need To Call A Water Heater Service

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Having a functional water heater is essential for most families. It is what allows them to get the hot water they need to perform several household functions. Thankfully, if anything ever does go wrong with your water heater, you have the luxury of knowing that you can call a company like R & B Inc Heating & Air Conditioning to come and help you out. This article will discuss 3 signs that you need to call a water heater service. 

Rusty Water

A sure-fire sign that you at least want someone to come and look at your water heater is if you notice that your water is rusty. This could be a sign that the inside of your water heater has begun to deteriorate and has started to rust from the inside. Ingesting this water could be very dangerous to you and your family, and it also isn't the cleanest water to use for bathing, washing dishes, washing clothes, etc. A professional water heater service will be able to pinpoint the source of the rust and let you know if it is in fact coming from the water heater or if you have rusty pipes elsewhere. If the problem is the water heater, the only real solution is to have it replaced. 

Leaking Water 

If you look around your water heater and notice that there is water leaking out of it, then you should call a water heater service right away. Not only is this a sign that there is something wrong with your water heater, but it can also be dangerous. A lot of the time, water leakage occurs because there is something wrong with the tank. It may have cracked somewhere, or it could have even eroded away. Sometimes this can be fixed without replacing the water heater, but at other times it may require a replacement. It is best to contact a water heater service to know for sure. 

Loud Noises

If your water makes a lot of noises when it is trying to heat up your water, this is a sign that there is rust and other sediment that has built up in the bottom of your water heater. This happens as the water heater tank deteriorates and pieces of it crumble and break off. This is another situation where calling a water heater service is advisable, and you will likely need to have your water heater replaced as this is a sign of aging.