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Five Mistakes That Can Cause You To Prematurely Require AC Repairs

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AC repairs at the height of the hot season can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. You want to minimize the chances that you'll experience an AC malfunction by properly paying attention to and maintaining your system.

The following are five mistakes to avoid in the coming weeks that can cause you to prematurely require AC repairs:

Failing to give routine maintenance enough attention

Having your AC system inspected regularly is important. This way, routine maintenance can be performed and any potential malfunctions can be looked out for and hopefully prevented.

Routine maintenance doesn't only ensure the proper functioning of your AC system, but also maximizes your system's efficiency and therefore saves you money on utility costs over the long term.

Exposing your AC equipment and your windows to direct sunlight

Direct sunlight can both detract from the efficiency of your unit and cause your unit to work harder and to be more likely to break down.

You should shield your home's interior from direct sunlight with the help of curtains and shades. You should also keep your exterior unit shaded by vegetation and architectural features where possible to make it easier for your unit to cool down the air that is channeled through your home via your duct system. 

Having your exhaust fans on all the time

A lot of homeowners make the mistake of leaving exhaust fans on in kitchens and bathrooms long after they're needed. These exhaust fans will blow expensive air outside if they are left on. 

Make a point of turning exhaust fans off immediately after they're used to prevent your AC system from working harder than it needs to in order to keep your interior air conditioned. 

Neglecting to regularly change air filters

One of the most important things you can do to maintain the condition of your AC system is change filters when necessary.

At the high point of the hot season, you should be regularly inspecting filters and changing them every few weeks to prevent premature wear and tear on your air conditioner. Remember that changing air filters isn't only important for the condition of your equipment, but also for the quality of your home's interior air. 

Not having your cooling ducts sealed

If your cooling ducts haven't been sealed, your AC system is probably working harder than it has to when conditioning your home's interior air. A sealed duct system minimizes any loss through air leakage and makes it so that your AC unit works as efficiently as possible. 

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