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Two Good Reasons To Consider Cooling The Attic In Your Home

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The attic of your home is just a blank space if you are like most homeowners. This is where you stuff all that unneeded holiday stuff, those oddball home decor items, and anything else that has no home in the garage or the rest of the house. Because the attic is hardly used, most homeowners would never dream of keeping it cooled, but what if this idea could change the game completely? If you have an attic without AC, you might be surprised to know that adding cooling up there could be a really good idea. Check out these two reasons why you should consider cooling your home's attic. 

A cooled attic can evolve into a more useful space. 

If you take some time to think about it, why is it that you don't really use your attic as a functional part of the house? If you are like most homeowners, it will basically be for three reasons:

  1. The attic is harder to access. 
  2. The attic is unfinished. 
  3. The attic is not heated or cooled. 

Just by changing number three on this list, you could find yourself suddenly motivated to make a few other changes as well, such as installing a spiral staircase for access and adding some flooring or drywall up there. Think about all of the possibilities you could have on your hands if the attic was cooled, finished, and easily accessible. This extra space could easily become a home office, playroom, or even a hidden library if you choose. 

A cooled attic can mean a more efficient home. 

Have you ever opened the door to your attic in the middle of a hot summer day and felt the blast of heat? If so, you already know just how high the temperature can climb in this upper level of your home. While this heat may seem like no big deal, all that added heat could actually be making it harder to keep your entire house cooled. The heat from your attic can be transferring down through the ceiling and walls and forcing the AC system you have to work much harder than it has to. 

Additionally, home components that are normally held in the attic may even operate better in a climate-controlled space. For example, if the AC unit is in the attic, it will not be so taxing on it to operate when the space is cool because the components will not be as prone to overheating. 

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