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Four Signs Your Furnace Needs to Say "Sayonara"

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Just because you can have a furnace fixed does not mean this is really your best option. There are many times when, instead of fixing your furnace, the best choice is really to replace it with a new one. Here are four signs that you need to have your furnace replaced rather than repaired.

It keeps breaking

If your furnace has never broken down before and now you need to make a simple repair, that's one thing. However, if this is one in a series of repairs, you're probably better off cutting your losses and springing for a new one. Chances are, this is not the last repair you'll make. Why keep funneling money into a failing appliance when you could instead put that money towards a new one that will be covered by warranty?

Your energy bills are sky-high

Furnaces were not made to be nearly as energy-efficient a decade or two ago. Plus, as a furnace gets older and parts start wearing out, it becomes even less efficient. If your energy bills keep climbing, it's probably time for a new furnace. New models are up to 98% energy efficient, so you'll save a lot -- and there are often tax incentives to make upgrading to a "green" furnace even more affordable.

Your furnace company is struggling to find parts

If your furnace is really old, your HVAC company may no longer be able to find the specific parts needed to repair it. They can often improvise, but a makeshift repair is not as good as one made with the correct parts. Take a lack of available parts as a sign that your furnace has reached its end. You're better off replacing it now before a more obscure part breaks and you're left without heat for weeks while your contractor searches for a replacement part.

It's gotten noisy

Sometimes noises like squeaking and banging can be corrected by adjusting the blower's belt or tightening a few bolts. If your HVAC contractor makes these adjustments and your furnace is still noisy, that's a sign that various other parts are on the verge of breaking down, too. Save yourself the hassle of future repairs by replacing the unit.

Replacing your furnace may not be as costly as you imagine, and once you have the new unit, most any repair you need will be covered by warranty -- often for 5 years or more. Contact an HVAC contractor like Pell City Heating & Cooling Inc for more information.