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3 Things To Expect From Routine Air Conditioning Services

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AC systems require special attention after extended periods of not being used. Some homeowners think that it is fine for them to skip air conditioning services if they turn on the AC systems and the systems produce cooled air. However, postponing or neglecting to get systems serviced can lead to breakdowns when cooling is needed most. Recently purchased AC systems also need routine maintenance if they have been used in a prior season. Maintenance is about more than removing dust from systems. There are a number of point checks that get performed, such as the replacement of simple parts like air filters, and any additional repairs if needed. The following points will help you understand how you can benefit from making AC maintenance a priority. 

Prevent Breakdown Issues

In many climates, AC systems in homes are not used during the winter months because of harsh winters. During these idle months, a number of things can go wrong that create a need for AC services when the outdoor temperatures get warm again. Certain actions by homeowners, such as not covering their AC units during the winter, can make it important to get AC services performed as soon as possible. Exposure to the elements may cause repair issues. There are several areas of the system that may be vulnerable to mechanical breakdowns, such as cold temperatures and inadequate protection against frozen precipitation. This is why some homeowners in certain climates get AC services performed in the fall to protect their air conditioning systems.

Improved Energy Efficiency

There are several factors that can negatively impact energy efficiency and cause higher energy bills. Lack of AC servicing is one of those causes. Even if a homeowner has an AC system that has been identified as being energy efficient, the system will likely not provide optimal energy output if it is not maintained. This is because systems that do not get maintenance service have to work harder to cool spaces.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Many types of debris can get trapped in AC systems. Most of the things that get trapped are allergens and will circulate in the air of systems that do not get routine AC services. Part of maintenance service appointments includes removing debris and substances such as mold and mildew from air conditioning systems.

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to understand more about AC maintenance and other AC services such as duct cleaning and AC replacement. Well-maintained systems usually have no or fewer mechanical failures than systems that do not get serviced. They can recommend an AC service schedule and educate you on identifying emergency AC repair issues that may occur outside of scheduled services. Contact an air conditioning service for more information.