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How To Avoid AC Malfunctions And Breakdowns In The Office

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Employees perform better when they're comfortable. A commercial air conditioning system will beat the heat, keeping uncomfortably warm weather outside even during the summer. Once you have an air conditioner, you'll need to do your part to keep it working well. Here are a few tips to help you avoid AC malfunctions and breakdowns in the office:

1. Choose the right air conditioner.

Commercial spaces are larger than most residences, which means they have greater cooling needs. Installing an AC unit meant for home use can cost you a lot of money down the line. Such a unit would function inefficiently and perhaps eventually break due to inappropriate use. A commercial air conditioning system is more powerful than the AC units typically found in homes. Choose a commercial AC unit that is the correct size for your office building. Central AC units are usually the best option for large spaces. 

2. Have a professional install your air conditioning system.

Commercial air conditioning systems are often larger than residential units. If you choose a central AC unit, the condenser will need to be attached to the existing air ducts in your building. Hiring a professional for the task guarantees that the installation will be performed right the first time and that your new air conditioner won't be damaged accidentally in the process.

3. Get your air conditioner serviced.

Regular servicing can keep your air conditioning system operating at peak efficiency. During routine maintenance, a serviceman will clean the vents of your AC unit and ensure the air is able to flow in and out without hindrance. They will also change the air filter and open your air conditioner to check the motor. Your serviceman may lubricate the engine to prevent rust, keep dust out, and ensure the parts don't grind together. You should have your air conditioner serviced at least once each calendar year.

4. Replace parts with manufacturer-approved replacements.

As the air conditioner in your office starts to suffer from wear and tear, individual parts may begin to break down. By having these parts replaced, you can extend the life of your air conditioner. Make sure you choose an air conditioning service that uses replacement parts approved by your AC's manufacturer. These parts are high quality and guaranteed to be compatible with your unit. Using the correct parts can prevent additional problems. Official parts are often more durable and offer a longer life span than inferior parts.

For more tips, contact commercial air conditioning services.