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9 HVAC Facts To Know

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If you are thinking of having a central HVAC system installed, or you are thinking of purchasing a house with it, then you should learn what you can about this type of heating and cooling system. Here are 9 things you should know to better familiarize yourself with central air:

1 – Central heat and air goes through the whole house: When you have a central HVAC system installed, it will have ducts and vents throughout the house that keep the entire home regulated to the temperature you want to achieve.

2 – Central heat and air is quiet: Since the motor part of the system is located outside of the house, this type of HVAC system is very quiet inside of the house. When it comes on, you may hear a faint blowing sound, while some other types of systems can be quite loud inside the house.

3 – Central heat and air is easy to regulate: You will have one thermostat that will be located on a wall inside of your home. It is usually near the center part of the home. You will use this to turn the system on and off, or even flip it to the "fan" setting. This is where you will also set the system for the temperature you want in the house.

4 – The system will do what it has to in order to achieve the desired temperature: The system will come on when the inside temperature changes from what you set it on. Depending on if you wanted it hotter or colder, the heater or air will click on until the house gets back to that temperature. Then, it will turn itself off until another temperature adjustment is needed.

5 – The system requires very little from you: Aside from turning the unit on and setting it where you want the temperature, there is very little else you need to do. The two main things to remember is to clean or replace the filter regularly and to make sure brush and debris stay at least two feet away from the outside unit.

6 – New central HVAC systems are energy efficient: Even though you are counting on the central heat and air system to control your entire house, you will find that the newer systems can actually save you a lot of money on your energy bills, compared to other types of heating and cooling systems.

7 – Central heat and air can be easier on those with allergies: As long as you make sure you keep the filter clean and dust the registers, you will find that this type of system won't blow dust, pollen, and other allergens around the way many other types of heating and cooling systems will.

8 – Central heat and air systems run themselves: If you want the house to be a certain temperature when you get home, your system may have a timer, so you can set the timer and the temperature. This allows you to walk into a house that is already nice and comfortable for you.

9 – Central heat and air systems don't have components that get in the way: You can say goodbye to those clunky heating and cooling units when you go with a central system. Besides the small thermostat and the registers that are out of the way, you will be able to visually forget all about your system until you need it.