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Best Heating And Air Conditioning By Cost And Value: What You Should Know

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When you want to redo your heating and/or air conditioning systems, there are so many more options today than coal and an open window. In fact, for some people, there are too many options. So how do you choose? Here are the best heating and air conditioning options by cost and value.


Far and away, geothermal is the best option. The initial expense of at least ten grand to a max of twenty-five grand may have you in sticker shock; however, when you consider the fact that this unit addresses BOTH heating and cooling needs in a very earth-friendly way and lasts indefinitely, the price is but a drop in the bucket to the thousands you will save in the next twenty years. Additionally, you will never have to rely on a power company or fuel company to deliver your heating and cooling needs as the geothermal unit is self-sustaining. In short, you never pay another heating or cooling bill ever again (unless you completely finance your geothermal unit and have to make monthly payments on it).


If you cannot swing the price tag on geothermal heating and cooling, consider an alternative to electricity so that your electric furnace and electric central air conditioner are running on natural energy. Better still, if you have enough solar panel space on your roof and little shading by trees, you could earn your investment back in as little as ten years. With the added federal government tax and energy benefits, the cost of covering your roof with solar panels really becomes nil, and your monthly electric bills, even with your air conditioner or your furnace running non-stop, are cut in half (or more) every month. Invest in an energy-efficient air conditioner and an energy-efficient furnace, and your savings only increase.

That $300 bill you get for cooling your home in summer just becomes the cost of your monthly bill in late spring or early fall, and that is all year round. What would you do with an extra $100-$300/month saved from the use of solar energy? It is something to think about.

Installing Either of These Options

If you choose to install either of the above options, you will need to hire an HVAC contractor. These projects and conversions are massive, and they often require a contractor and his/her crew to start and complete the job. Thankfully, the installation process does not take more than a few days to complete. Then you can begin enjoying the benefits of your new solar or geothermal system.